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I' m reading large process output data in Lazarus using the TProcess and the suggestions from this freepascal wiki page.

The wiki page suggests to create a loop to read the process output data like this:

// ... If you want to read output from an external process, this is the code you should adapt for production use.

while True do
    MemStream.SetSize(BytesRead + 2024); // make sure we have room
    NumBytes := OurProcess.Output.Read((MemStream.Memory + BytesRead)^, READ_BYTES);
    if NumBytes > 0
    then begin
      Inc(BytesRead, NumBytes);
      Write('.') //Output progress to screen.
    end else 
      BREAK // Program has finished execution.

// "Then read the MemStream to do your job" 

The wiki page also mentions that the calling program should read from the output pipe to prevent it from getting full.

So, how much data makes the output pipe full?

Why we should use a MemStream (TMemoryStream) and not directly read from OurProcess.Output stream (using the bytesAvailable, etc) in the above loop?

I'm reading 80MB of wav data from a process and I have noticed that both MemStream and OurProcess.Output streams have the same amount of data! The memory usage gets doubled. So the suggested method from the wiki cannot be considered as efficient or optimized. Or there is something I'm missing?

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Afaik output/input streams are a stream form of a pipe, not memory streams. The values you see are retrieved from the OS handle, not from memory allocated to the FPC app per se.

It is just like you can ask for the .size of a file on disk without reading the whole file.

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So the .output stream does not contain the entire data when .execute is completed? And how much data .output can hold guaranteed? – VassilisGr Jan 8 '14 at 21:38
    procedure RunExternalAppInMemo(DosApp:String;AMemo:TMemo);

    const READ_BYTES = 2048;
    aProcess: TProcess; //TProcess is crossplatform is best way
    MemStream: TMemoryStream;
    NumBytes: LongInt;
    BytesRead: LongInt;
    Lines: TStringList;
   // A temp Memorystream is used to buffer the output
   MemStream := TMemoryStream.Create;
   Lines :=TStringList.Create;
   BytesRead := 0;

     aProcess := TProcess.Create(nil);
     aProcess.CommandLine := DosApp;
     aprocess.ShowWindow := swoHIDE;
     AProcess.Options := AProcess.Options + [poUsePipes];

     while aProcess.Running do
       // make sure we have room
       MemStream.SetSize(BytesRead + READ_BYTES);

       // try reading it
       NumBytes := aProcess.Output.Read((MemStream.Memory + BytesRead)^, READ_BYTES);
       if NumBytes > 0 // All read() calls will block, except the final one.
          then Inc(BytesRead, NumBytes)
          BREAK // Program has finished execution.
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