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In my scenario, a client and a server establish a connection and exchange their Process ID's and a shared-memory-location ID. After this process has completed the server ends the connection and waits for a signal. When the Client writes some information into the shared-memory, it sends a signal to the server which then goes to the memory location and prints the date.

How should i go about this please help!!!

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Exactly as you have outlined it. Start coding and when you reach an impasse ask a question. Note that you aren't sending a signal to a socket. The socket will provide the PID that you can use in kill to send a signal to the server. –  Duck Jan 7 at 5:44
Read advancedlinuxprogramming.com to get an overall picture of all this, and also signal(7) –  Basile Starynkevitch Jan 7 at 5:58

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You could just use a socket for all your communication.

Sockets have a useful feature called half-open connection. That is, one side can finish sending data and send end-of-file to the other side using shutdown(socket, SHUT_WR), but still wait for incoming data. The other side can keep reading data till receiving the end-of-file, send data and eventually also do shutdown(socket, SHUT_WR) or close(socket).

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