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I am writing a device driver (kernel level)

I have already written the Interrupt service routine for all interrupts.

My question is how do i proceed with writing Interrupt handler which would catch hardware interrupt.

Continuous polling is a bad idea so could any one suggest me some other idea to proceed with

Thanks in advance

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Which O/S and Driver Kit are you using? Which hardware interrupt do you want to catch? –  ChrisW Jan 7 at 9:27
i am using windows 7 and WDK 7600.16385.1 my device generates a hardware interrupt when my parity bit is set (as mentioned in datasheet) –  dips Jan 7 at 10:35

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Perhaps you should read the documentation and some sample code for how to Register an ISR.

See also Getting Started on Driver Development.

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I have read and already created the interrupt handler but I am unable to catch hardware interrupt. According to datasheet of device if received data has parity bit as 1, an hardware interrupt is issued –  dips Jan 8 at 10:44
There's not enough information to guess what's wrong. Perhaps it's one of: a) device isn't configured to generate interrupt b) device isn't generating interrupt for some other reason c) ISR isn't properly registered d) ? –  ChrisW Jan 8 at 11:04
All other interrupts are serviced properly just this 1 hardware interrupt is not working. i think there might be some problem in hardware –  dips Jan 9 at 10:43

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