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I have decided to make the web projects in the web root directory into git repositories, it just seems logical.

I initialized the repository using, I was the root user at the time, and it gave me a message about configuring name and email which I ignored:

git init
git add *
git commit -m "My project Name"
git remote add origin


Using the git user, as the bare (central) repositories are kept on the same server I setup the bare repo with the git user:

git init --bare my_project.git

Then using the root user I wanted to push the repo to the bare repo created so I used:

git push -u origin master

However it asks for a password and I am unsure which one, it is not the root password of the system, Would it be the ssh passphrase of the root user or the password for the git user?

Do I need to add the root user to authorized_keys of the git user's .ssh?

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It is the ssh password of the user git on server

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Git is trying to connect to the remote server as the git user, and is failing the key authentication, thus falling back to password authentication (which in most cases will never work since, usually, the git user has no auth credentials).

To resolve, add your SSH public key to the git user's ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file on the remote server.

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