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I am using jsTree latest version in one of my application. I want certain checkboxes to be disabled by default. For that i am referring this.

I have following jstree code:

                    'core' : {
                        "themes" : { "icons" : false },
                        'data' : {
                            'url' : 'include/ajax.php?option=constructtree',
                            'data' : function (node) {
                                return { aspectcode : aspectcode, geographylevel : geographylevel }; 
                       "types" : 
                        "types" : {
                            "disabled" : {
                                 "check_node" : false, 
                                 "uncheck_node" : false 
        "plugins" : ["themes","html_data","ui","crrm","types", "checkbox"],
                    "checkbox" : { "two_state" : true }

I have added rel=disabled in the li tags

<li id=$childvalue[code] rel='disabled'>

I am not getting any errors and i am able to check and uncheck the node.

What could be the issue?

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provide filddler for same.

Inorder to disable check box and make it not to check and uncheck use "onclick= return false"

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