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I am using a JFormattedTextField with a MaskFormatter applied to it in order to input a phone number.

However, when I enter an invalid phone number, such as "123" and then press a button, the JFormattedTextField immediately erases all of the text.

Is there a way to keep that invalid text in there?

Here is a code example:

import java.awt.FlowLayout;
import java.text.ParseException;

import javax.swing.JButton;
import javax.swing.JFormattedTextField;
import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.text.MaskFormatter;

public class Example extends JFrame 
    private JFormattedTextField formattedTextField;

    public Example() 
        this.getContentPane().setLayout(new FlowLayout());

            MaskFormatter maskFormatter = new MaskFormatter("(###) ###-####");
            formattedTextField = new JFormattedTextField(maskFormatter);
        catch (ParseException pe)
            System.out.println("Parse Exception");

        JButton button = new JButton("OK");


    private static void createAndShowGUI() 
        JFrame frame = new Example();





    public static void main(String[] args) 
        javax.swing.SwingUtilities.invokeLater(new Runnable() {

            public void run() {




If you enter only a few digits, such as 123, and then press the button, you will see how it automatically deletes all of the text.

It seems as though because I specify


it is replacing all of the invalid characters with the underscore, although I would like to know if there were a way to retain both the invalid 123 input, and also the remaining underscores.

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yes input mask has 4 options, –  mKorbel Jan 7 at 8:10

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Straight from the third line of the javadoc:

JFormattedTextField allows configuring what action should be taken when focus is lost. The possible configurations are [...]

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this option is settable, Focus is side .... –  mKorbel Jan 7 at 8:11
formattedTextField.setFocusLostBehavior(JFormattedTextField.COMMIT) seems to work. –  JDJ Jan 7 at 8:21

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