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Which one is the best:

  1. to use Line object from kineticjs or
  2. to use moveto() and lineto() methods of canvas?

enter image description here In my example I have used Line objects but so I have about 250 objects. Could this overload the browsers capacity? Would the other method be better from this point of view?

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This grid is just a decorator, so there's no use in loading the scene graph of kineticsjs with it.

In your place i would evaluate those possibilities :

  • Draw lines with ( beginPath, moveTo, lineTo, closePath ) before each kinteicsjs draw.
  • Draw once the background in a background canvas that you will drawImage to 'clear' your canvas each cycle.
  • Layer two canvases, the one above being cleared each cycle (clearRect), and the one below having the grid on it.

Performance-wise, the layered canvases will be the fastest (i assume the grid is static here).

Rq : You have a big interest in having a separate drawGrid(context, columnCount, rowCount, some other parameters) function that will draw the grid on a context, so switching between any of the 3 options should be fast.

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