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In neural networks,for a given training pair of input-output values, weights are adjusted so that the mean squared error is minimized.But I do not have training data.I have a cost function that depends on a functions and I want to calculate that function using neural network. I have a feature vector 0f size 5X1. When I give that vector as input to the NN I get a score(output of NN). Lets say I have 1000 such feature vectors. For each of these inputs I get an output.Using all these scores I calculate some cost function. Now my task is to maximize that cost function. So in first iteration I will get some value of that cost function.Now I want to adjust the weights so that this cost is maximized. How can I do that???

I am working on information retrieval and the cost function I just mentioned here is the Mean Average Precision(MAP). I have scores of documents from different runs and I want to combine all the runs such that MAP value is maximum. Feature vector have rank,scores etc of the document in each run.

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Neural networks are a method for solving general variational problems. In that problems, the aim is to find a function which optimizes some cost functional.

In order to adjust the biases and weights of the neural network you need to calculate the partial derivatives of your particular cost function with respect to that parameters, and then apply any training strategy.

The open neural networks library OpenNN (http://www.intelnics.com/opennn) implements different cost functionals which are not measured on a data set.

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