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I used dateEdit field to store date in my form. In Access Database it store as "07-01-2014" but When I try to retrieve it back to dateEdit field, it displaying "07-01-2014 AM 12:00:00". I dont need time. How to remove this time from dateEdit Field.

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What is dateEdit field? Anyway, check it properties, to see if you can specify format (mask?) for it. –  Sinatr Jan 7 at 10:07
DateEdit is a control to display date. –  Sri Hari Jan 7 at 10:16
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According to this thread in the DevExpress support forum the solution would be to set the DateEdit.Properties.Mask.UseMaskAsDisplayFormat property to True. For more information see

MaskProperties.UseMaskAsDisplayFormat Property

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For retrieve only date:

DateTime retDate= *retrieved date*;
string onlyDate = retDate.ToString("MM/dd/yyyy");
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Finally I solved that by simple changing DateTime datatype to string in both C# and MS-Access database. Now am getting Date only.

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