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I've tried following the steps in the solution given here but I'm stuck on step two.

I have the same issue as the question linked above. But the accepted answer did not work for me, as explained below.

When I do the following:

Start "VS2012 x86 Native Tools Command Prompt" and run "gacutil /u Microsoft.VisualStudio.CSharp.Services.Language.Interop".

I get this error:

Microsoft (R) .NET Global Assembly Cache Utility. Version 4.0.30319.17929 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

No assemblies found matching: Microsoft.VisualStudio.CSharp.Services.Language.In terop Number of assemblies uninstalled = 0 Number of failures = 0

If I go to Fonts and Colors settings in Tools->Options, I do not have UserTypes available either.

Can anyone tell me what I can do? Can I add this library somehow?

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Then the problem isn't the one described by the accepted answer to that question. –  Damien_The_Unbeliever Jan 7 at 10:36
You haven't described what your problem is - are you getting no syntax highlighting, as per the linked question? If so, you should make this clear in your question - if not, you should make whatever your issue is obvious. –  Dan Puzey Jan 7 at 10:50
The problem is described in the question I linked to, but the accepted answer didn't work for me because the second step failed. –  Matthew Grima Jan 7 at 11:20
Question updated. –  Matthew Grima Jan 7 at 11:23

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Congratulations. That means that your machine was not infected by a beta version of Visual Studio. Rather a notorious problem with VS Beta and RC editions, the uninstaller is always the last thing they get right.

What you are trying to do has nothing to do with the problem you are trying to solve.

You'll want to read this feedback article, posted by a VS user that also complained about missing User Type settings in the dialog. No boo or bah back from the original poster of the article, sounds like devenv /setup took care of the problem.

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I ran devenv /setup in the "Developer Command Prompt for VS2012" and They're there now. Thanks. –  Matthew Grima Jan 13 at 12:47
Apologies, I forgot to give the bounty when I accepted the answer. Done now. –  Matthew Grima Jan 20 at 10:24

delete Visual Studio and .Net framework where it's update system and .Net framework

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