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With respect to this question python ctype intialising a structure

The above solutions woked fine for me in windows now i tried the same code in linux by loading a shared library,now i am getting this error

libCAN.WriteCANMessage.argtypes = [handle, POINTER(CMsg)]
TypeError: item 1 in _argtypes_ has no from_param method

What should i do to eliminate this erro, i saw some links saying add from_param classmethod how to implement this in structure

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It worked but i didnt understand how it worked?In my c program handle is int @eryksun –  ganeshredcobra Jan 7 at 11:05
in windows i declared handle=c_int()` but it failed in linux then just like you said i wrote handle=c_void_p this worked both on linux and windows.How did that happen?In actual c program handle is defined like this typedef int HANDLE; @eryksun –  ganeshredcobra Jan 7 at 11:49
Shouldn't you have a library function that opens the device/connection and returns a handle? In that case it would be handle = libCAN.SOME_OPENER(*args), where SOME_OPENER.restype = c_int. –  eryksun Jan 7 at 12:13

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