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I have two areas that will be scrollable on iPad, so I kept their overflow to auto (or scroll, or hidden which still allows scrolling on iPad).

I have a section of unenrolled students, and I'm using JQueryUI (with touchPunch for touch) to drag a student from a bin of unenrolled students into the class they belong in.

This works fine except for when I set overflow to allow scrolling. I think I need to pop the element out of its parent first, then start dragging. Then on drop, append that element to the droppable container.

Here's a JS bin of it in action:


Contains 1 working and 1 not-working example

The thing is, I'm not sure how to override the default draggable code, and have it:

  1. Set to the same position I picked it up but as a child of its parent's parent

  2. Have it set as a child of the dropped container in the correct position

Any advice would be highly appreciated!

Thanks for reading

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Playing a bit with your code I was able to make a workaround, you can actually use the helper option and drag it with scroll without major problems like this $('o').draggable({helper:'clone'});, might not be the desirable effect in terms of design but works, check this out jsbin.com/OWeyebic/2/edit – G.Mendes Jan 7 '14 at 14:28
Cant you just make the area oveflow:hidden when you start dragging? – Thorgeir Jan 7 '14 at 16:45
.... or visible – Thorgeir Jan 7 '14 at 16:54
The clone's a great idea! Then I could do the add / remove child after the user has made a decision. Thanks for that – Prodikl Jan 8 '14 at 2:45
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Try this:

Add this to your css:


And this to the ready function:

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Thanks for the suggestion! It's a good start. The start and stop function parameters are a big help in itself. I'll do some testing and accept if it works – Prodikl Jan 8 '14 at 2:39

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