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I came across this interesting post about cross-domain cookies in iFrames:

How does Facebook set cross-domain cookies for iFrames on canvas pages?

It talks about not being able to set cookies in an iFrame. For example, if a.com hosts an iFrame from b.com, the iFrame will not be able to set cookies for b.com.

That's just plain wrong isn't it? If the iFrame was to, say, fetch an image from b.com and the server code on b.com set a cookie in the response header (either without specifying a domain for the cookie or specifying a domain of b.com), then the browser will honor that set-cookie header. If the browser is set to disallow 3rd party cookies, then the set-cookie directive will of course not be honored by the browser.

The only thing I can think is that the post (and various other resources found in a Google sear on this topic) is just talking about creating cookies in the browser (document.cookie) rather than with a set-cookie response?

Thank you.

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