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I am trying to create a program that takes an input and will convert whatever input for example Yes / YES to lower case to be accepted in the while loop below. Ive tried to do it but doesnt work. Any idea?

#Import the random function - This only needs to be imported once.
import random

#Use a while loop to allow the user to repeat the process 
repeat = "YES"

while repeat == "yes":

#User is able to input which sided dice they want to throw.    
    dice = input("What side dice do you want to use? 4, 6, or 12?\n")
#4 sided
    if dice == "4":
        #Outputs what sided dice has been chosen and the score thay they rolled.
        print(dice, "sided dice chose.\nYou rolled a", random.randint(1,4))
#6 sided
    elif dice == "6":
        print(dice, "sided dice chose.\nYou rolled a", (random.randint(1,6)))
#12 sided
    elif dice == "12":
        print(dice, "sided dice chose.\nYou rolled a", (random.randint(1,12)))
#Incorrect value entered
        #Informs the user that the number they have chosen is not a valid option.
        print(dice, "is not a valid choice")
#Asks user if they want to use the program again.
    print("Do you want to use the program again? Yes or No?")
    #Links back to the start of the while loop.
    repeat = input()
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input().lower() –  Ashwini Chaudhary Jan 7 '14 at 10:58
It seems to be a problem that your initial value of repeat is upper case ;) –  GreenAsJade Jan 7 '14 at 11:04
What did you try? Your attempt at lowercasing isn't visible in your posted code. –  user2357112 Jan 7 '14 at 11:06

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Your code will never even enter the while loop, as you set repeat to "YES" and then immediately check if it is "yes", which it isn't.

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I would have solved this in another way

while True:
    dice = input(....)
    repeat = ''
    while repeat.lower() not in ['yes', 'no']:
        repeat = input('Do you want to use the program again? (yes/no)?')
    if repeat.lower() == 'no':

This would ask the user to input yes or no, and keep on asking until yes or no in supplied.

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Daniel is entirely correct. The 'YES' at the beginning of the code should be formatted as 'yes' because clearly 'YES does not equal 'yes' and thus the while loop won't run at all

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