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I have code like this:

import java.util.Locale;
Locale locale = new Locale("en_US");

When I wrote:


it returns




is any way to get case-sensitive value?

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Sergi's answer is correct: the language field is by definition case insensitive and the original case that you use is not stored. –  herman Jan 7 at 11:30
And if you still want, then do this System.out.println(locale.toString().replace("us", "US")); Since you are passing the language code –  gowtham Jan 7 at 11:31

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Taken from Oracle: The language field is case insensitive, but Locale always canonicalizes to lower case.

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@MarkoTopolnik No, it is the correct quote. The constructor with 1 String argument only has a language argument. Calling getCountry() will return null or empty string. –  herman Jan 7 at 11:28

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