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A Google gadget is an iframe embedded in a gadget container like Google Sites. Example: https://sites.google.com/site/michaelmccolin/test

However, since Google gadgets and Google Sites are on two different domains you cannot get the gadget parent URL using window.parent.location. The good news is the parent URL is included as a parameter value in the gadget (iframe) URL. Example:

The question is how I can get the parent parameter value from the gadget URL.

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You can access the query string as follows:

var queryString = location.search.substr( 1 );

From there on, it's easier to split it at the delimiters and create an object out of it:

var queryObject = {};

queryString.split( '&' ).forEach( function objectFromPair( pairString ){
    var pairArray = pairString.split( '=' );

    queryObject[ pairArray[ 0 ] ] = pairArray[ 1 ];
} );

Next, retrieve the parent key:

var parentUrl = queryObject.parent;
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Thanks for the answer! location.search gave me an idea: is it OK to simply use location.search.split('parent=')[1]? –  Mori Jan 8 at 8:10
@RainLover you easily could, but only because parent happens to be the last parameter in the query string (although, if it wasn't, you could still get it in one line by executing location.search.split('parent=')[1].split('?')[0]. The method above is more verbose, but more reusable — BTW, I made a couple of corrections in the answer above if you decide to go for that solution. –  Barney Jan 8 at 14:03

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