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I am new to Perl. Please tell me what does this mean.


what does this regular expression

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Let's break it down.

  • […]: creates a character class, which matches any of the characters (or character ranges) inside the brackets, however…
  • [^…]: the caret inside the class negates it, meaning it will match any single character except the characters (or character ranges) inside the brackets, so…
  • [^<>]: matches any single character except <, or >.
  • …{n,m} matches between n and m repetitions of the previous character, character class, or group, so…

[^<>]{1,128} matches any sequence of between 1 and 128 characters other than <, or >.

Further Reading

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NODE                       EXPLANATION
[^<>]{1,128}               any character except: '<', '>' (between 1
                           and 128 times (matching the most amount

Sometimes this can also show nice explanations:


But in this case not really.

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Thank you very much. But does not it mean that 1 - 128 occurence of words? – user2622132 Jan 7 '14 at 14:45
No. The {} part which shows the repetition count is referencing only to the previous thing, which is a [] character list block (which length is 1). This means 1-128 occurences of the non <> characters. – Lajos Veres Jan 7 '14 at 15:05

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