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I am having a very peculiar internet connection problem with the Windows Phone 8 emulator not connecting to the internet that none of the existing solutions I have found seem to be able to solve.

The first thing I did to try and fix the issue was to delete all existing hyper-v machines and network switches. I then started my project from Visual Studio and said yes for internet access. It then created two new virtual network adapters, the first being the Internal port and another one having the same name as the my WiFi adapter with the addition of vEthernet at the beginning. Now this all seems normal but the issue is that after this neither my desktop pc (Asus Zenbook UX31 with Windows 8.1) or the virtual machine seem to have internet access anymore.

Once I run network diagnostics on my desktop internet explorer it tells me that I do not have a valid ip address. I then go into control panel and look at my WiFi adapter just to notice that the settings page I used to have where I can set an ip manually if needed has disappeared. I then go into the settings page for the vEthernet (Qualcomm Atheros... adapter and see that it does indeed have the option to choose an ip address manually. I then set the ip address to something inside my routers supported range and suddenly my pc has internet again. The emulator though still does not have internet access and still has the 169... type address (I did indeed restart it - multiple times)!

Now all the reading material I have read suggest that the problem is caused by the fact that the emulator does not have an ip address inside the required range (like mine currently has). The reason for this they all suggest though is that the router does not support DCHP but this is definitely not the case because all my other devices constantly make use of dynamic ip addresses. My pc also uses one once the bridge is removed. I have also not read of another case where the bridgeing process destroys the host pc's internet connection. I also do not make use of a proxy or VPN or any such complicated network stuff. Just a run of the mill WiFi router that I can connect to using the Windows 8.1 side charm WiFi menu.

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