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plsql reference cursor:

type cur is ref cursor;          
c1 cur;                
emp emp_table%rowtype;                
stmt varchar2(200) := 'select * from emp_table';              
cursor c2 is select distinct dept_id from emp_table;           
    for i in c2 loop          
    dbms_output.put_line('the department no is ' || i.dept_id);              
    end loop;  
    if i.dept_id is null then open c1 for stmt;  
       stmt := stmt || ' where dept_id = i.dept_id';              
       open c1 for stmt using i.dept_id ;           
    end if;                  
      fetch c1 into emp;          
      exit when c1%notfound;      
      dbms_output.put_line(c1.dept_id ||  ' , ' || c1.emp_name ||' , '||                   c1.emp_sal);          
   end loop;  
   close c1; 

errors I got is

**ORA-06550: line 11, column 4:                           
PLS-00201: identifier 'I.DEPT_ID' must be declared                 
ORA-06550: line 11, column 1:                 
PL/SQL: Statement ignored                      
ORA-06550: line 19, column 25:                     
PLS-00487: Invalid reference to variable 'C1'                   
ORA-06550: line 19, column 1:                          
PL/SQL: Statement ignored                       
06550. 00000 -  "line %s, column %s:\n%s"                    
*Cause:    Usually a PL/SQL compilation error.                           

Please help me to solve this error. Please tell me the good links to to study plsql.

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plsql-tutorial.com you can try this link. –  abhi Jan 7 '14 at 15:56

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stmt := stmt || ' where dept_id = i.dept_id';  

should be

stmt := stmt || ' where dept_id = :1';  
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But its a bad design, you can use parameterised cursor or can merge both cursors into one. –  San Jan 7 '14 at 12:35

Apart from error above, you try to use i.dept_id outside the loop where it is declared.

It should be this one:

FOR i IN c2 LOOP          
    DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('the department no is ' || i.dept_id);              
    IF i.dept_id IS NULL THEN 
        OPEN c1 FOR stmt;  
        stmt := stmt || ' where dept_id = :p1';              
        OPEN c1 FOR stmt USING i.dept_id;           
    END IF;                  
        FETCH c1 INTO emp;          
        EXIT WHEN c1%NOTFOUND;      
        DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE(c1.dept_id||' , '||c1.emp_name||' , '||c1.emp_sal);          
    END LOOP;  
    CLOSE c1;
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Thanks for the response..i am new to plsql –  user3168933 Jan 7 '14 at 13:17

Not quite answering your question you can make your code a bit shorter. You have two queries that you can combine into one.

Query 1 (if i.dept_id is null)

select * 
from emp_table;

Query 2 (if i.dept_id is not null)

select * 
from emp_table 
where dept_id=i.dept_id;

You can easily create one query for both cases:

select * 
   from emp_table 
   where (i.dept_id is null or dept_id=i.dept_id);
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