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I'm trying to get Travis CI to output a coverage report to be used with scrutinizer later. But I'm having trouble to get it to work.

When I add --coverage-clover=coverage.clover to my phpunit command, the generation of the coverage report fails with the following error:

Generating code coverage report in Clover XML format ...PHP Fatal error: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/travis/.phpenv/versions/5.5.7/share/pyrus/.pear/php/PHP/Token.php on line 432

This puzzles me for several reasons:

  • generating the report takes only about 3 seconds on my local machine which actually seems to be slower than the test server (judging from the time the test suite needs)
  • command line PHP does not have a timeout usually, so this seems to be setup deliberately on Travis-CI?
  • it seems noone else is having this kind of problem as I couldn't find any similar reports when googling
  • my bootstrap.php file for phpunit explicitly calls set_time_limit(0);

Is there a way to fix this on my side?

Full build log at https://travis-ci.org/splitbrain/dokuwiki/jobs/16522833

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