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I would like to count the words in this array and have them display as a total rather than how many times each word is displayed.

$array = array("abstract", "accident", "achilles", "acidwash", "afrojack", "aguilera");


Array ( [abstract] => 1 [accident] => 1 [achilles] => 1 [acidwash] => 1 [afrojack] => 1 [aguilera] => 1 )

The result i would like


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you mean, like... count() ? –  Justin T. Jan 7 at 13:24
i think so, the count() can count even the arrays element. –  Goikiu Jan 7 at 13:24
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You mean this ?

echo count($array); //"prints" 6

Alternatively you can use sizeof too !

echo sizeof($array); //"prints" 6
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In fairness it wasn't specified if this is indeed the case or not. In which case, what happens with a single string of multiple words, would the OP expect those to be counted as 1 word, or N words within said string. –  LokiSinclair Jan 7 at 14:10
Granted. But that's a massive lack of information, given the very different approaches required. Don't you think? Had the OP stated: $array = ("something", "something else", "something else again"); - In their current question, maybe everyone would've got the point? You can't start flaming folk for offering an answer, when the question is (if it is at all), fundamentally flawed. –  LokiSinclair Jan 7 at 14:34
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What you're looking for is count(). More information can be found here: http://uk3.php.net/count


$b[0]  = 7;
$b[5]  = 9;
$b[10] = 11;
$result = count($b);
// $result == 3
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You will need to use the count function.

$array = array("abstract", "accident", "achilles", "acidwash", "afrojack", "aguilera");

This will print 6. You could also assign the count to a variable.

$count = count($array);
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Use count function in php:

echo count($array); // this will print lenght of the array
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If you have multiple words in one array value, try this approach:

$wordcount = str_word_count(implode(' ', $array));

It implodes the array and gets number of words in the returned string.


If you want a function:

function array_word_count($array) {
    return str_word_count(implode(' ', $array));
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you should use count($array).

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$array = array("abstract", "accident", "achilles", "acidwash", "afrojack", "aguilera");
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You can use count() function — it used count all elements in an array.

echo $count = count($array); //OP : 6 

Ref: http://in3.php.net/count

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I dont know what is the reason for Downvoting? Mr.downvoter can you share the reason? –  Krish R Jan 7 at 15:44
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$total_count = count(array_unique($array));
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if you want unique values... –  Eric Jan 7 at 13:26
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