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This site looks usual in Firefox but when I view in chrome (version 31.0.1650.63 m) two weird vertical lines appear which I cannot even trace out in the chrome inspector.

Why does that happen and how to remove that.

enter image description here

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Seems like an issue with rtl class. Remove that and works fine. –  Danko Jan 7 at 13:50
@Danko, renamed the rtl class of body. Nothing happened –  Istiaque Ahmed Jan 7 at 13:51
Not renamed removed –  Danko Jan 7 at 13:58
At my end, it looks just fine in: IE9, Chrome 31.0.1650.57, Opera 12.16.1860, Firefox 10.0, and Safari 5.1.7. –  abhitalks Jan 7 at 14:01
@danko, yes went away by removing the rtl class. but what was the reason behind ? –  Istiaque Ahmed Jan 7 at 14:03
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When I delete this node:

<div id="ui-datepicker-div" class="ui-datepicker ui-widget ui-widget-content ui-helper-clearfix ui-corner-all ui-helper-hidden-accessible"></div>

the problem disappears. Testing further, I think the issue is with ui-helper-hidden-accessible, specifically the line:


Firefox drops it entirely as out of range. Chrome probably is having some form of overflow. I suggest using left:-100%; instead.

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I have recreated the same thing. The direction:rtl is causing issues with the negative left placement. Tweak ui-datepicker-div to fix –  misterManSam Jan 7 at 14:15
any more explanation about the some form of overflow stuff ? –  Istiaque Ahmed Jan 7 at 15:13
How was it found that the ui-datepicker-div, left and rtl would cause the problem ? Which rule ? –  Istiaque Ahmed Jan 9 at 6:30
I just used the console on firefox (right click, inspect element) and poked around. chrome also has an inspector. By some form of overflow what i mean is: it's possible that the way that left: in px is implemented in chrome is as a signed integer value less than 99999999, which would cause overflow of the value, leading to the error you see. in any case using left:-100% is more clear to both the computer and other coders. –  serakfalcon Jan 9 at 6:52
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It's because of the direction: rtl; in class .rtl on your body. Remove this and the strange effect will be gone.

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why the direction:rtl should make any problem ? –  Istiaque Ahmed Jan 7 at 14:07
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