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I deployed an app to heroku, and after I ran:

heroku run rake db:migrate

heroku ran some migrations but not all of them

I checked the db versions with

heroku run rake db:version
Running `rake db:version` attached to terminal... up, run.9949
Current version: 20131206153652


rake db:version
Current version: 20140102125131

both are in diferent versions of the DB, but how can I said to heroku that I need to run ALL the migrations.

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Have you pushed all of your migrations to Heroku? Does Heroku know that there are other migrations to run? –  Gareth Jan 7 at 14:06
Try running git status and check wheteher there are any migration files in 'untracked files' section. On a seperate question: you didn't alter any existing migration, right? –  BroiSatse Jan 7 at 14:22
yeah, I didn't modified any migration, thanks Gareth after read your post I checked the migrations, I was working In a diferent branch named "development", I solved it doing. git push heroku development:master, and after that, running the migrations in the same way. thanks :) –  Jorman Bustos Jan 7 at 15:46

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