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I am trying to create a name using paste() for saving a file; this name will be in part composed out of the sequence of dates used to create the data frame to be saved.

So, I wish the output to be a string of "./Calculations (Raw)/ 1:2 - 3.csv".

The first part refers to the path, which works by itself, and the .csv to the file extension appended.

Road <- 1
Dates <- 1:2
paste("./Calculations (Raw)/", Dates , "-" , Road, ".csv")

Problem is, that code produces two strings, breaking the write.csv.

How can I override the number sequence?

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Use Dates <- "1:2", i.e. as a string. To produce the string programmatically you could use paste0(Dates, collapse=":") – Mark Heckmann Jan 7 '14 at 14:11
@MarkHeckmann Somehow I kept using as.character without it working. That works, Thanks – M. Momtaz Hegazy Jan 7 '14 at 14:46

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paste is vectorized. You need to collapse your dates vector to length 1, which you can do with the collapse argument to paste:

paste("./Calculations (Raw)/", paste(Dates, collapse="-") , "-" , Road, ".csv")
# [1] "./Calculations (Raw)/ 1-2 - 1 .csv"

If you don't do this, paste will extend all the vectors to the length of the longest vector (in this case Dates), and only then paste them, which is why you end up with multiple values instead of just one.

As an aside, you probably also want to change the sep argument to paste so you don't end up with spaces in your file names.

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Brilliant, Thanks – M. Momtaz Hegazy Jan 7 '14 at 14:46

If you want to print 1:2 as it is, create a string, i.e., "1:2".

Road <- 1
Dates <- "1:2"
paste("./Calculations (Raw)/", Dates , "-" , Road, ".csv")
# [1] "./Calculations (Raw)/ 1:2 - 1 .csv"
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