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I have added gem 'bootstrap-wysihtml5-rails' to my Gemfile. So I'm using this gem with rails_admin.

I have a model called "News" in my project. It looks like this:

class News < ActiveRecord::Base
    has_attached_file :photo
    attr_accessible :photo, :header,:caption,:body,:photo_file_name,:photo_content_type,:photo_file_size
    rails_admin do
      field :photo,:paperclip
      field :header
      field :caption
      field :body, :wysihtml5

I have files bootstrap-wysihtml5.css and bootstrap-wysihtml5.js in app/assets/stylesheets and app/assets/javascripts directories.

This worked fine some time ago. I had wysihtml5-textfield.

But yesterday wysihtml5 panel just disappeared and now my field body looks like ordinary textfield. I haven't touched "News" model and logs doesn't give any errors.

What is going on here?

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