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I have been using OpenShift with node.js and socket.io. My code is:

server.listen(process.end.OPENSHIFT_NODEJS_PORT || 3000);

My code says that it returns port 8080. However, I get this error:

 DEBUG: Starting child process with 'node server.is'
 Info: socket.io started
 warn:error raised: Error: listen EACCES

How can I fix this? No other solution I can find works.

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You also need to specify to bind to your OPENSHIFT_NODEJS_IP in your listen, as it is trying to bind to by default, which is not allowed.

Something like:

var ipaddress = process.env.OPENSHIFT_NODEJS_IP || "";
var port = process.env.OPENSHIFT_NODEJS_PORT || 8080;
server.listen( port, ipaddress, function() {
    console.log((new Date()) + ' Server is listening on port 8080');
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Thank you. I happened to find this out elsewhere and was about to post that solution here. –  user3053430 Jan 7 '14 at 15:22
If you are using sailsjs then instead of ipaddress use host –  Vampire Coder Feb 17 '14 at 1:15
awesome! this is exactly what i was missing. thank you. –  iksnae Mar 12 at 2:36

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