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I am using Django-jquery-file-upload plugin. and i want to have field on every file that i will Post (User comment od this file).

{% verbatim %} 
<script id="template-upload" type="text/x-tmpl">
{% for (var i=0, file; file=o.files[i]; i++) { %}
    <tr class="template-upload fade">
        <!-- ... -->
        <td class="title"><label>Title: <input name="title[]" required></label></td>
        <!-- ... -->
{% } %}
$('#fileupload').bind('fileuploadsubmit', function (e, data) {
    var inputs = data.context.find(':input');
    if (inputs.filter('[required][value=""]').first().focus().length) {
        return false;
    data.formData = inputs.serializeArray();
{% endverbatim %}

I used this on the end of example. and when I upload file it is saying forbidden and no additional field. Why?

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