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I am trying to configure SNMP agent as per the below link.


  1. I have placed .c and .h file in the agent/mibgroup folder then ./configure --with-mib-modules="nstAgentModuleObject"
  2. make
  3. make install

  4. run snmpd

Now i am not able to fetch variable value with the following command

snmpget localhost NET-SNMP-TUTORIAL-MIB::nstAgentModuleObject.0

It gives below error for me.

root@Naseeb:/home/admin-pc/Naseeb/Projects/EMS/net-snmp-5.4.4# snmpget -v2c -c public localhost NET-SNMP-TUTORIAL-MIB::nstAgentModuleObject.0
NET-SNMP-TUTORIAL-MIB::nstAgentModuleObject.0 = No Such Object available on this agent at this OID

Please let me know is there anything missing in the steps.

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