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I am trying to perform the following query:

SELECT * FROM table_name_here WHERE Date LIKE %Jan % 2014%

Now, the table name is different and hidden here, but it just won't go through. It says there is an error in my syntax around %Jan % 2014%

I can get this to work, so i know the connection works: SELECT * FROM table_name_here So the problem lies with the WHERE and LIKE part.

I also tried to perform this on my hosting sites DB management tool:

FROM  `table_name` 
WHERE  `Date` LIKE  '%Jan % 2014%'

and that one works, so I'm really clueless here :)

So, any ideas? :) thanks on advance

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You have two syntax errors, firstly the word Date is a keyword, so needs to be wrapped and you need quotes around your string, like so:

SELECT * FROM table_name_here WHERE `Date` LIKE "%Jan % 2014%"
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Assuming that date is begin stored as a date/datetime column, don't use like on it. The like implicitly converts it to a string, using some local format.

Instead, be explicit:

where month(`date`) = 1 and year(`date`) = 2014


where date_format(`date`, '%Y-%m') = '2014-01'

As for your original question, you discovered that quotes are important around string constants. I would recommend using single quotes (as opposed to double quotes), because single quotes are the ANSI standard string delimiter.

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You need quotes around your LIKE match:

SELECT * FROM table_name_here WHERE Date LIKE "%Jan % 2014%"
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If you are using the DATE datatype, you can use this

SELECT * FROM table_name_here WHERE 'Date' LIKE '2014-01-%'

this is how mysql store the DATE value: 'YYYY-MM-DD' eg. '2014-01-07.

MySQL Manual

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