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I have created a user defined language using Notepad++. Now I want to convert this into html format. There are many free source tools available which can convert lets say rtf file to html but how can i convert this user defined language file into html?

Notepad++ allows me to save this file which is in user-defined language with any extension but the formatted text can only be viewed in notepad++.

Like if I save the file as draft.rtf, open the file in notepad++ the changes (formated text of user defined language) will stay but when I open the same file in Word the changes are lost!

A simple copy paste from notepad++ to Word also causes the text to lose its user-defined language specifications. Kindly help.

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A "user-defined" language in Notepad++ is just a highlighting scheme. There's no way to convert it to HTML. I don't understand what you are looking for. –  andi Jan 7 at 15:30
@andi: It sound like he wants his custom highlighting to scheme to be converted to an HTML file so that it looks the same when opened in his web browser. –  Rocket Hazmat Jan 7 at 15:32
Thats presicely what I am looking for. –  Pia Jan 8 at 1:23
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Check the NppExport plugin, it will export your file with the syntax highlighted as html (i think) and then you can use that somewhere else


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That seems to do what he wanted. –  Rocket Hazmat Jan 7 at 15:34
This works perfectly. Thanks! –  Pia Jan 8 at 1:30
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