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I am new to SASS and Zurb Foundation but I need to upgrade an ASP.NET MVC4 project using Zurb Foundation 4 with SASS to Foundation 5. As far as I know, there is no Nuget package for Foundation 5 yet so I had to download the Foundation 5 with SASS version from https://github.com/zurb/foundation/tree/scss-standaloneand manually added to my project and build solution. In the packages.config file, I still see this

<package id="Foundation4.Core.Sass" version="4.1.6" targetFramework="net45" /> <package id="Foundation4.MVC4.Sass" version="1.2.416" targetFramework="net45" />

Should I also modify the packages.config manually to Foundation5 or is there any other way to upgrade to Foundation 5? I already have Web Workbench installed. Many thanks!

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I've just updated my MVC project from 4 to 5. There is a nuget package for ver 5 out now. I uninstalled Foundation 4 first(be sure to take a backup if you have made changes directly in a foundation file). Then I installed the new Foundation 5 package. There a few changes so you should follow the migration guide provided here: http://foundation.zurb.com/docs/upgrading.html. Good luck!

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