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I am using the PHP function imap_open with this to get the headers of each email:


i then run a foreach loop on the CC'd email addresses:

foreach ($header->cc as $cc_extra) {


how can i check if there is anything in $header->cc before i run the foreach loop?

Note: - the $inbox is the connection string for the mailbox - the $email_number is the email number for each email

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You could use a combination of isset and is_array like so:

// ...
if(isset($header->cc) && is_array($header->cc)) {
  foreach ($header->cc as $cc_extra) {

isset will test that the variable has been set as is not null.
is_array will test that the variable is actually an array.


Alternatively, as seen in this SO answer, you can explicitly cast the variable as an array inside your foreach, e.g.,

foreach ((array)$header->cc as $cc_extra) {
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