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Hi in a practice paper for revision I've been given this question.

The class BinaryTree in Question 3 stores integers in a binary tree structure, and method isInOrder() tests whether the top label of the tree is greater than the top label of the left subtree and smaller than the top label of the left subtree. A generic form of that class could store instances of any class that implements the Comparable interface:

public interface Comparable<T>
    public int compareTo(T o);

Where instance.compareTo(arg) returns a negative value if instance is less than arg, 0 if instance and arg are equal, and a positive value if instance is greater than arg. For example, class Integer implements Comparable with instance.compareTo(arg) returning instance - arg.

(a) Give a generic version of class BinaryTree that stores instances of a type parameter E, with the requirement that E extends Comparable. Note that you will need to change the code in the isInOrder() method so that it uses compareTo(). Do not include a main method in your answer.

The code from the earlier question is here http://pastebin.com/x2p7q3wy

I'm really having trouble wrapping my head around what I have to do for the question and most of the information I have been able to find on generics has just confused me. If anyone could help me with this question or give me a good introduction to generic classes I would be very thankful.

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Please post what you have tried. –  Elliott Frisch Jan 7 at 19:32
The purpose of stackoverflow is not to teach you a language, it is to help you with specific problems. If you do not understand Generics, read a tutorial or your slides/books. –  Sotirios Delimanolis Jan 7 at 19:33
is this your homework? –  regulus Jan 7 at 19:34
Here is a hint; class BinaryTree<E extends Comparable<E>> –  Elliott Frisch Jan 7 at 19:35
This isn't homework it's a question from a past paper that I'm using to study for an upcoming test. –  user2320239 Jan 7 at 19:55
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As mentioned in a comment, this is correct:

class BinaryTree<E extends Comparable<E>>{



You would then implement all methods of BinaryTree - Using x.compareTo(y) instead of comparator operators for your isInOrder() method. There may be other modifications necessary but I haven't looked at all of your code.

The benefit to this is having a BinaryTree class that you can insert any Object into, as long as it implements Comparable

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Thank you, I think my main problem was that i couldn't remember the proper structure of a generic class, it seems quite simple now that I know where to start. –  user2320239 Jan 7 at 20:57
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