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I have a class markeup with "@Component" and have a modelView, the property of model use in the view not is update in action the button active.

public class MyBbean extends BaseBBean<MyBbean>{
    @Autowired AnyService anyTitulos;
    private myModel model;

My flow reference:

<evaluate result="flowScope.modelView" expression="myBbean.getModel()"/>
<view-state id="view" >
<transition on="action">
<evaluate  expression="myBbean.anyAction()"/>

My view:

<!-- language: xml -->
<p:inputText id="teste1" value="#{modelView.test}"  required="true"/>  
<p:commandButton action="action" immediate="true" />

When I look up the property test in model, it is null...

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try removing immediate attribute. It's skips validation and updation phase as well. –  MohanaRao SV Jan 8 '14 at 4:39

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I resolved this problem using scope session

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