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I need to create a live event with specific dates and scheduled times on Youtube. The content itself is pre-recorded video, but I want to showcase it in a "live" manner so that users can't skip ahead. After each individual live event comes to a finish, I then want the video to be archived so users can freely watch it on our youtube channel.

Any help or info would be greatly appreciated!

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Do you have to do it via youtube itself ? If yes, then you will have to enable "Live" streaming feature in your account. Looks like you will have to be eligible to have it enabled.


If its enables, you can push your pre-recorded video files to the google's publishing point. For that you can use any supported media encoders. More info can be read here on how to set it up.


Once thats setup, you can stream events as if its a real live event !

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I tried out the encoder as you suggested and it works! Saved me a lot of time figuring this out. Thanks Aby!! –  kevinq Jan 15 at 17:52

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