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Walking through a tutorial app for use with the Ionic platform, which is built on angular 1.2.4, I've hit a confusing error in this Angular markup:

    <content has-header="true" scroll="false">
        <item ng-repeat="project in projects" ng-click="selectProject(project)" ng-class="{active:activeProject==project}">

The error in chrome console is:

Error: [$parse:syntax] Syntax Error: Token 'itemClass' is an unexpected token
at column 33 of the expression [{active:activeProject==project} itemClass] 
starting at [itemClass].

If you change the ng-class attribute thusly (add a semicolon) :

       <item ng-repeat="project in projects" 

then the error goes away.

The ionic forum users are wondering why this is. I've found lots of SO posts on ng-class, and reviewed the docs, but nowhere can I find evidence that the trailing semicolon is a requirement, e.g. this post.

My best guess is that Angular is jamming (minifying) the class code together with something else and a semicolon is not being inserted automatically before javascript tries to run it; but the Angular docs say it doesn't use eval(), so it's puzzling how it fails.

Would love to know why this is happening.

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Add a plunker please. –  Stewie Jan 7 '14 at 20:27

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This was happening to me when my directive (item in this case) was configured with replace: true, and both the directive and the element it was replacing were using the ng-class directive. I guess angular was jamming the ng-class properties together in a way that led to a syntax error.

This could have been what was going on here, depending on the definition of the item directive.

The fix (workaround) was to set replace: false.

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