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I'm getting an error at runtime stating: "DraggableGridViewSample] Conversion to Dalvik format failed: Unable to execute dex: Multiple dex files define Lcom/animoto/android/views/DraggableGridView$1;"

How might this be avoided? I've tried removing the android-support-v4 jar from my libs folder and clicking Android Tools > Add Android Support Library but I cannot seem to resolve this issue.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.

enter image description here

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Double check all your includes, I had this in the past and it was because I had duplicate includes for JAR libs in my project. –  Ewald Jan 7 at 20:51
I'm not even sure exactly what you mean... how can I check that? –  user3123280 Jan 7 at 20:57
Source can be found here: github.com/thquinn/DraggableGridView –  user3123280 Jan 7 at 21:00
I added a screenshot of my build path - do you see anything in there I should change? –  user3123280 Jan 7 at 21:05
Can you try to REMOVE the DraggableGridView.jar from the build path? –  Ewald Jan 7 at 21:14

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Looking at the source you provided, the DraggableGridView class is already under src. So adding the jar that contains the same is redundant and dex will complain about duplicate definitions.

To fix it, just remove the DraggableGridView.jar from your project.

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Thanks! BTW - I have another somewhat simple question you might be able to answer... stackoverflow.com/questions/20982317/… –  user3123280 Jan 7 at 21:34
exact answer... thanks a lot –  user1672337 Jan 24 at 12:29

Project - build Path - Libraries.
Check if android private libraries contains the same jars listed in the libraries in the first place. If so remove private libraries and leave the jars.
That worked for me.

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