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I am using the DigG Digg Social Media Plugin for Wordpress using the manual code option:

My HTML is the following but this is not much use as its generated via PHP - I have implemented the media class and the boxes!

What my main issue is how can I get all the icons aligned via the same height?

enter image description here

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        <div class="diggSocialMedia">
            <div class="box0">
                <?php dd_fbshare_generate('Compact') ?>
            <div class="box1">
                <?php dd_twitter_generate('Compact','hakatours') ?>
            <div class="box2">
                <?php dd_fblike_generate('Like Button Count') ?>
            <div class="box3">
                <?php dd_google1_generate('Compact') ?>
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You should show the actual HTML output, not your PHP, since this all happens on the client. –  Diodeus Jan 7 at 21:33

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.diggSocialMedia > div {
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.diggSocialMedia {
    height: 0;
    overflow: visible;
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