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Using Bootstrap 3, Respond.js for anything under IE9

Why is my page doing this in IE7? http://www.ctautobodyshops.com/


enter image description here Let me know what else you need...

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Bootstrap 3 does not support IE 7, it supports IE 8 with Respond.js. However IE8 has support for certain CSS properties that IE7 does not handle. The main one that works with the entire Bootstrap system is

box-sizing: border-box

There's an IE7 css and a polyfill for Bootstrap here: https://github.com/coliff/bootstrap-ie7

But even with those things, if you use in your own custom css styles that are not supported by IE7 then they will not show up styled as on modern browsers.

There's other classes like inline-block that don't work with IE 7 either, so in your own CSS you need to use fallbacks.

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<section class="row"> has height:100% which doesn't work nicely with IE7. You have to give width in IE7.

If you remove the height: 100% it helps and then add width atleast in percentage to each required element

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