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I have a div that I need to strip away all characters except for the last four. I'm currently using replaceWith for this, but it replaces the whole thing.

Here's what I have

<div class="field-name-field-credit-card">1111111111111111</div>

$(".field-name-field-credit-card").replaceWith("xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx");

and my result

<div class="field-name-field-credit-card">xxxx xxxx xxxx xxxx</div>

But I would like it to be:

<div class="field-name-field-credit-card">xxxx xxxx xxxx 1111</div>


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Well, I made a regex for you and updated your fiddle:

$( ".field-name-field-credit-card" ).text(
    $( ".field-name-field-credit-card" ).text().replace(
        /\d{12}(\d{4})/, "xxxx xxxx xxxx $1"));

but I have to agree with Niet - don't mask the credit card client side.

If you really do want to mask client side, this ugly line of code will do it. It's largely only ugly for the $(query).text($(query).text()) structure.

What it does is replace the text of the current element with the text it currently has, run through a regex with replace. The regex looks for 12 digits, then stores the next 4, and replaces the string of 16 digits with the 'x's followed by those last 4 it saved.

Just to make my code a little less obscure (since the one-liner version really doesn't save anything):

var oldText = $( ".field-name-field-credit-card" ).text();
var newText = oldText.replace(/\d{12}(\d{4})/, "xxxx xxxx xxxx $1");
$( ".field-name-field-credit-card" ).text(newText);
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To quote our lord and master Foamy: That is a "really fucking bad idea!"

Because anyone sniffing the network - or heck, just getting to the computer and Right-Click => View Source - can access the raw credit card number and any other information you are carelessly throwing around.

Do this on the SERVER. Example in PHP:

$hidden_number = "xxxx xxxx xxxx ".substr($full_number,-4);
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Agreed. Replace value on server, so CC number is not sent to client –  Maksym Kozlenko Jan 7 at 22:48
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