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Parameters - Multiple Values For One Label - Possible?

Sorry my modified Question.....

I have question to ask,... Is it possible to have multiple values for ONE label in non-queried available values in SSRS 2005? i want to join fields value in a single row like,

Works: (But this bring a long list in drop down menu - which i donot want)

Label                Value
Site-1                 150
Site-1                 151 
Site-2                 152
Site-2                 153

Required result (Which i want - in one line)

Label                Value
Site-1                 150,151
Site-2                 152,153
(which will bring one label and related multi-value in drop down or combo box.
But the problem is that ColumnName IN (@Site) does not work with multi-value.)

More description of the problem:

 Let say, I have a field/column 
 Name = Site
 Value = C150,C151, C152, C153

 I want drop down menu on report with 
 C150,C151(as Site-1) & C152,C153(as Site-2)

 so I created parameter i.e. @getSite and set values as 
 multi-value in the report as

  Label                            Value
      Site-1                      (150,151)
      Site-2                      (152,153)

  And set my parameter as @getSite:= Parameters!@getSite.Value

  and Query i wrote as,

   SELECT  * FROM ..
   WHERE Site IN (@getDisease)

  But after all these, my report result is empty,literally no result. 
  It seems like if i select only one value as Site-1 = 150, then it works 
  but not two or more values in one line, 
  why it is not possible?? if yes then how?

  Please help!!!
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Yes...Yes it is. –  Zane Jan 7 at 21:56
could you please explain a bit more against my above question. Thanks –  Azy M Jan 8 at 11:36

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Yes just Right Click on your parameter in your Report Data window under Parameters folder and select the check box for allow multiple values as follows

enter image description here

this is what I said before you need to put your column name inside a set of paranthesis something like this

       WHERE (Site IN (@getDisease))
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I have tried Value field as (100,200,300) and ('100','200','300') and even ("100","200","300") but the query does not display the result but only blank –  Azy M Jan 8 at 8:54
One more thing I forgot to tell you, in your data set query you will need to change your query to something like WHERE (ColumnName IN (@Param)) –  M.Ali Jan 8 at 9:01
it passes the values as '123, 125, 127' –  M.Ali Jan 8 at 9:02
if this answer has helped you solving your issue please accept the answer thank you. –  M.Ali Jan 8 at 9:03
Thanks Ali for you reply, I have tried with label Machinist and values as 100,200,300. And in Query WHERE (ColumnName IN (@Param)) but getting result blank. Am i missing any thing in Parameter (i.e. my parameter tab has only @Param = Parameters!@<Param-name>.Value –  Azy M Jan 8 at 10:07

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