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I've put a group of images in a horizontal list view with scroll bar e.g

<li><span>image tile</span><img>image1</></li>
<li><span>image tile</span><img>image2</></li>
<li><span>image tile</span><img>image3</></li>
<li><span>image tile</span><img>image4</></li>  

ect.. for an iPad which acts as an index page for the sliding pages.

What i'm trying to achieve is when scrolling horizontally along the thumbnails I would like to show is only one active caption showing at a time e.g the <span> when one of the thumbnails in the list is positioned center of the screen.

So imagine 9 thumbnails in a row and thumbnail 5 is in the center so its caption will be visible.

Hope it makes sense. Thanks in advance for any help and advice given

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I follow what you are going for but you really need to put some effort into coding. Your probably going to need to also use jquery mobile api.jquerymobile.com as well. Gl. Hope I can help you once you have some code. – Cam Jan 7 '14 at 22:03

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