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I'm trying to run a simple script in R from Python using os.chdir() and os.system(). I am able to run the code from the Windows command prompt, so I didn't think running it from Python would be an issue. My R program is located at C:/Program Files/R/R-3.0.2/bin/i386 and the R script is at C:/Users/Kyle/Desktop/script.R so my Python function looks like this:

def runScript():
    os.chdir('C:/Program Files/R/R-3.0.2/bin/i386')
    returnCode = os.system('R --vanilla < C:/Users/Kyle/Desktop/script.R')
    print returnCode

This doesn't do what I want it to do, and returns a return code of 1. Any thoughts?

P.S. When I change the directory in the windows command prompt to the one above, and run R --vanilla < C:/Users/Kyle/Desktop/script.R, it works just as expected.

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What's the problem with

def runScript():
    returnCode = os.system(r'C:/Program Files/R/R-3.0.2/bin/i386/R --vanilla < C:/Users/Kyle/Desktop/script.R')
    print returnCode
    return returnCode


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It flashes the windows command prompt very quickly, then returns 1 as before. I do a lot of system calls to executable C programs, I'm not sure why this one isn't working the way I'd like. – Thetravellingfool Jan 7 '14 at 22:27
os.system has been deprecated. Try using subprocess python module. is the function that you are looking for – praveen Jan 7 '14 at 22:32'C:/Program Files/R/R-3.0.2/bin/i386/R --vanilla < C:/Users/Kyle/Desktop/script.R', shell=True) – praveen Jan 7 '14 at 22:33
I am still getting a return code of 1 using subprocess as you described. I'll operate under the assumption that I'm doing something wrong and get back to you to let you know what it was. Thanks for your help @praveen – Thetravellingfool Jan 7 '14 at 22:39
It's briefly (less than 1 second) opening R in a windows command prompt then closing out without ever having run my actual R script. Then it returns 1. Any thoughts? – Thetravellingfool Jan 7 '14 at 23:05

According to the os.system documentation :

on cmd.exe systems (Windows NT, 2000 and XP) this is the exit status of the command run

This means your R script certainly exits with the command "exit(1)" or has an error which is handled by the default error handler of R interpreter.

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I believe I must have an error somewhere, I think the 1 is coming from Python telling me it couldn't do what I wanted it to do. This is weird.. – Thetravellingfool Jan 7 '14 at 22:43

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