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I want to replace, to add some string in a text var in order to "wrap" my content, then to append it later.

For example I have this in my string var (in my var there isn't line break):

[th_section type="boxed" bgcolor="" txtcolor=""]
[th_header type="h1" txtalign="txt-left" subtitle="essai subtitle" txtcolor=""]
[th_five_sixths txtalign="txt-left" boxed="" last_column="true"]
[th_header type="h5" txtalign="txt-left" subtitle="" txtcolor=""]
100% Responsive Design
Phasellus enim libero, blandit vel sapien vitae, condimentum ultricies magna et. Quisque euismod orci ut et lobortis aliquam.

And I want to replace/add p tags like this :

<p>[th_section type="boxed" bgcolor="" txtcolor=""]</p>
<p>[th_header type="h1" txtalign="txt-left" subtitle="essai subtitle" txtcolor=""]</p>
<p>HEADER 1</p>
<p>[th_five_sixths txtalign="txt-left" boxed="" last_column="true"]</p>
<p>[th_header type="h5" txtalign="txt-left" subtitle="" txtcolor=""]</p>
<p>100% Responsive Design</p>
<p>Phasellus enim libero, blandit vel sapien vitae, condimentum ultricies magna et. Quisque euismod orci ut et lobortis aliquam.</p>

In fact, I search how to regex like this maybe:

$someDiv.replace('[th_*******]', '<p>[th_*******]</p>').replace('[/th_*******]', '<p>[/th_*******]</p>')

I don't know what is the right way to use replace in this case. Name between bracket can be different except for [th_...] and [/th_...] Maybe I need to use a function different than replace, I really don't know...

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I'm really bad at regex but I think this should work:

theString.replace(/\]([^\[]+)/g, function(m) {
   return "]<p>" + m.slice(1) + "</p>";
}).replace(/(\[.*?\])/g, "<p>$1</p>");  // /(\[\/?th_[^\]]*\])/g


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Thank you! Works like a charm. Can you just explain me a little bit the process of this regex. I'm very not familiar with this kind of things... –  lolo Jan 8 '14 at 1:17
@lolo You are welcome, the first .replace() call replaces all the characters between ] ... [. The second one replaces everything starts with [ and ends with ] with the second argument, $1 refers to the matching string between the (...) in the regex. –  Vohuman Jan 8 '14 at 1:26
Ok! Thank you a lot! –  lolo Jan 8 '14 at 1:34

Might I direct you to jQuerys .wrap() method. It takes your selected elements and wraps them with a tag that you define in the methods first argument. In your case this would be .wrap('<p></p>'). I hope this helps.

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thank you for your answer but I can't wrap it because it comes from a string var. I don't want to wrap into the DOM. I want to put div container children text in a var then replace some string... –  lolo Jan 7 '14 at 22:41

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