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I'm having some kind of authentication issue when trying to launch server instances in EC2 with the knife command.

I'm using a command like:

knife ec2 server create --availability-zone us-east-1d --node-name ES-test --flavor t1.micro --image ami-fd20ad94 --identity-file something-dev.pem --ssh-user ubuntu  -r 'recipe[something-elasticsearch::default]'

And there are 2 points of failure. The first comes relatively early on.

Waiting for instance...........................
Subnet ID: subnet-61dfa849
Private IP Address:
Bootstrapping Chef on
Failed to authenticate ubuntu - trying password auth
Enter your password: 

I should be able to authenticate as Ubuntu with no password here. In fact, if I allow the provisioning to continue and try to ssh to the generated instance with something like:

ssh -i something-dev.pem ubuntu@ 

...it will work. So why is the knife command itself failing to authenticate?

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Are you running that knife command in the same directory as your .pem file? –  sethvargo Jan 8 '14 at 0:01
Chef is probably not using your private key something-dev.pem to login. Have you tried: ssh-add something-dev.pem or mkdir -p ~/.ssh; cat something-dev.pem > ~/.ssh/authorized_keys; chmod 600 ~/.ssh/authorized_keys from the machine where you are running knife ? –  Rico Jan 8 '14 at 0:02
I tried doing ssh-add as well as adding the key to .ssh/authorized_keys and I'm still not getting anywhere. Thank you for offering other things to try, though. –  railsn00b Jan 8 '14 at 16:55

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I had the same problem as above and tried the ssh-add as suggested by Rico above. Although I still got the prompt for a password, hitting enter on a blank password then allowed the process to continue.

Failing that, the -V verbose output option may give you more insight.

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I found this to work well for me.

bundle exec knife ec2 server create -r "role[websphere]" -I ami-cb94868e --flavor m1.small -G default --ssh-user ubuntu -N server01 -S whatever --identity-file .chef/whatever.pem

Also consider that when you download the .pem from AWS, you need to chmod 400 whatever.pem

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