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I am on a Windows 8 computer.

Note: Things in quotation marks mean I am making up words to represent something.

Is there a way I can make a folder that the real storage is in other folders. Sort of like a symlink but the stuff is stored in multiple places.

Say you have 3 folders with sizes,
Folder A - 25GB
Folder B - 10GB
Folder C - 15GB

Say you put a 12GB file into Folder A, the "symlink thingie" would take the file and put it in Folder B with the rest of the file hanging out in Folder C. So one one folder is filled up, the next one takes over.

I want to use this to have a "joined" folder for all my cloud storage. Something like 15GB - Google Drive, 8GB - Dropbox, 6GB - SkyDrive. And when you have a folder on your desktop named, "Cloud Storage" or something, the "symlink" distributes the file, or files to all the different places.


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