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Lift has some example projects that can be found here


enter image description here

Where is the page


coming from? I do not see any html for this or any code. It appears to be some sort of baked-in page. How do you build your own login page or change this one?

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Disclaimer: I know nothing about Lift.

Path /login is from here:

def sitemap = SiteMap(
  Menu.i("Home") / "index" >> User.AddUserMenusAfter,

Method AddUserMenusAfter is from MetaMegaProtoUser. See User implementation:

object User extends User with MetaMegaProtoUser[User] {

To change login page template you should override loginMenuLocParams. Example from discussion in liftweb group:

override protected def loginMenuLocParams: List[LocParam[Unit]] =
  If(notLoggedIn_? _, S.??("already.logged.in")) ::
  Template(() => /// return the template to your login page here) ::
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