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For some reason my nav collapse function isn't working in Firefox/IE but works in Chrome.

<script type="text/javascript">

        var $nav = $('#header');
        if ($('body').scrollTop() > 0) {
            if ($nav.data('size') == 'big') {
                }, 600);
        } else {
            if ($nav.data('size') == 'small') {
                }, 600);

Any ideas? I'm thinking it's a syntax error.

You can see the live example in the navigation at http://medialimes.com

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You're getting errors in the console. You should probably check that. –  Pointy Jan 8 at 2:24
Also in Firefox the body element never seems to scroll, so its "scrollTop" is always zero. –  Pointy Jan 8 at 2:28
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Try using $(window).scrollTop() instead of $('body').scrollTop(). This should work on both Chrome and Firefox/IE.

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I think you're right! Welcome to Stackoverflow! –  Pointy Jan 8 at 2:32
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My guess is that when you try to set


doesn actually set the data variable properly.

Try setting it using the attr method.

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