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What is the best JSON library to get JSON data for Django, 'simplejson' or otherwise?

thanks very much

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do you have any gripes with simplejson or are you wasting our time just for fun? – hop Jan 20 '10 at 2:16
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Python 2.6 comes with a json module in the standard library -- so that would be best if you're on Python 2.6; for older Python versions, simplejson may be roughly equivalent.

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Django itself integrates simplejson and has the ability to use your own version from the system if you have it installed.

from django.core import serializers
json_serializer = serializers.get_serializer("json")()

As Alex notes, the json module is bundled with Python 2.6 and above -- that's actually simplejson source pulled into Python core. This might demonstrate to you that it has wide acceptance in the Python community.

The reason that you may want to use your own version is that simplejson when compiled with C extensions and cjson, a different module, are substantially more performant than the versions bundled with Django or Python.

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Actually, django.contrib.simplejson will use the standard library json module if it's available. That is, on Python 2.6+, from django.utils import simplejson will actually give you back the standard library's json module. The stdlib module, in turn, transparently loads the C extension if it's available So, if you're using Django, there's no good reason not to always use django.utils simplejson. – jacobian Jan 20 '10 at 4:27

I've had pretty good experience with simplejson.

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