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Hi i am invoking a Ajax call to my controller method from a view on button click. Ajax method fails by giving the error "Object not Found". This happens when it is deployed on Windows XP. It does not happen on Windows 7. I am stuck up on this issue from Two days with no help. Any help would be much appreciated. Here is my code.


function DisplayFullImage() 
    var model = {
        ChoosenColor: sendDesignerData,
        TotalDensity: TotalPixelFilled

    var urls = '@Url.Action("GetColors","Designer")';
        type: 'POST',
        url: urls,
        data: JSON.stringify(model),
        success: function (data) { },
        dataType: "json",
        contentType: "application/json; charset=utf-8",
        error: function (Response, Status, Error) { alert("Response: " + Response + " Status: " + Status + " Error: "+Error); }

function Generate()
  //Some code to fill sendDesignerData and TotalPixelFilled


public class DesignerController : Controller
    // GET: /Designer/

    public ActionResult DisplayAttributes()
        return View();

    public void GetColors(DesignColors DsgColor)
        if (DsgColor.ChoosenColor != null && DsgColor.TotalDensity > 0)
            Session["Colors"] = DsgColor;
            List<Colors> DummyColors = new List<Colors>();
            DsgColor.ChoosenColor = DummyColors;
            DsgColor.TotalDensity = 0;
            Session["Colors"] = DsgColor;



On button click Generate() method is called and i fill an Json object "sendDesignerData" with some values and also assign numeric value to "TotalPixelFilled" variable and then call DisplayFullImage()

The application work when deployed on Windows 7 and does not work on Windows XP. The Ajax call fails and i get error "Object Not Found" in alert.

Thanks in Advance

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whats the error code and responsetext? –  Nitin Varpe Jan 8 at 4:55
What browser? Do you get the same error in Firefox, Chrome, et al? –  Tieson T. Jan 8 at 5:18
@Nitin The error code is HTTP 404 error and Response text is object not found. I verified Url.Action methods URL. It seems to be correct too. –  Ezhirko Jan 8 at 5:23
@Tieson, I use FireFox V 26.0. I get the error over there. We do not support other browsers. –  Ezhirko Jan 8 at 5:24
Windows XP runs IIS 6 which requires additional steps to get MVC running as opposed to IIS 7 which will support it out of the box (pretty much). haacked.com/archive/2008/11/26/… will give you some guidance on IIS 6 changes you could potentially make. –  Tommy Jan 8 at 20:17

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